"My Books Are About Killing God" . . .

December 7, 2007

. . . according to British author Philip Pullman, author of a trilogy of children’s books, the first of which, “The Golden Compass”, was released this month. You’ve probably read or heard something about it, and may have received the inevitable “boycott this movie” e-mails.

Now, let me say up front: I have not seen the movie, nor read any of the books, and I don’t know if I will or not. I’m not even saying boycott the movie or the books. What I am saying is that we, as Christians, must have at least a basic understanding of what is going on with our culture (though the early reviews of “The Golden Compass” suggest that it’s day in the sun may be short lived).

If you have children, you should definitely educate yourself, to be able to use this as a teachable moment. This movie will no doubt stir interest in the books, and they do intend to take the other two to the big screen. From what I understand, the second and third books in Pullman’s trilogy are more clear about their purpose. Take, for instance, this quote from the third book, “The Amber Spyglass”:

“…all the history of human life has been a struggle between wisdom and stupidity…the rebel angels, the followers of wisdom, have always tried to open minds; the Authority and his churches have always tried to keep them closed.”

Here are three commentaries on The Golden Compass:

Dr. Albert Mohler

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Am I afraid that Pullman might succeed in “killing God”? Of course not. But we forget all too easily that we are strangers in this world, like soldiers dropped behind enemy lines, and attacks like this are to be expected and should be taken seriously. Like Fox News says, my intention is simply for you to read and decide for yourself.