At DV8 during September

August 27, 2008

James Bumper

September 17th at Matt & Nola’s

September 24th at Brenda Shelton’s


DV8 Wrap-Up for August 20th

August 21, 2008

When Nehemiah was told about the condition of Jerusalem’s wall, it had actually been that way for over 100 years. People had long been traveling back and forth to and from the city, so this was likely not a new revelation to him; rather, for him it had always been that way. It seems that rather than new information, God granted Nehemiah a new heart, and a new burden.

We are too often just like Nehemiah; we all have friends, relatives, co-workers, etc., who don’t know Christ, and are bound for hell. But that’s just the way they are, and we have grown used to it. We’re not burdened like we ought to be, aware of the true sense of urgency in giving them the gospel and praying that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes, grant them repentance, and bring them to Christ.

How can you gain a fresh burden to share Christ?

1. Get Real: Deal with sin in your own life.

Have you received Christ yourself? Are you fighting sin in your own life daily, seeking to live a holy life? Would the people you work with and go to school with describe you the same way as those at church? Are you real?

2. Get Serious: Be a follower of Jesus.

Are you daily seeking to grow in Christ through spiritual disciplines? Do you desire to know Him more, to spend time in His Word and in prayer? Are you seeking to be conformed to the image of Christ every day?

3. Get A Burden: Change your heart.

All believers are commanded to share the gospel of Christ; it is not an optional activity. If you do not have a burden for the lost, ask God to change your heart and create in you a desire to be used by Him to see the lost come to Christ.

At first, Joseph and Daniel both had very little influence, if any at all. But they were faithful, and God used them to do big things. If you will be faithful – Get Real, Get Serious, and Get A Burden – He will use you to bring people to Christ, and that will be a blessing to you, and bring great glory to Him.

At DV8 on August 13th

August 7, 2008