Why Do People REALLY Reject the Bible?

November 10, 2008

When asked about the authority of the Bible, there are 5 very common objections that people raise:

* it’s too old

* there are too many translations

* it has errors

* too many authors

* it’s too exclusive

Maybe you’ve heard these, or even wondered about
them yourself.  For the next two weeks at DV8, we’ll be watching a DVD from Worldview Academy, called “The Seven Habits of High Suppressive People”.

Join Bill Jack and Rusty Carter as they interview people on a college campus, and explore these 5 objections to the authority of the Bible, and also reveal in their interviews what the REAL root problem is.  Don’t miss this short series at DV8, and be a real friend, and find someone to bring with you!


No DV8 on Nov. 5

November 1, 2008

We’ll be getting ready
for Disciple Now on Nov. 5,
so we won’t have DV8 that night.

There is a Disciple Now info meeting
for students and parents, Sunday night
Nov. 2, in the Livingston Room after the evening service.  You’ll get the schedule, details about DNOW, and find out
where your host home is.