The Faith of Evolutionists

January 18, 2008
The faith of evolutionists makes the faith of most Christians – me included – look pretty weak sometimes. A story in the news today from the Associated Press reports on the “discovery” that an odd dinosaur that has puzzled researchers preferred to eat fish, a conclusion based on the shape of it’s mouth, which is very similar to “fish-eating crocodiles”.

Whenever you hear or read a report like this, be sure to look and listen for key words and phrases such as “might have”, “perhaps”, “could have”, etc., and you’ll quickly discover that the only thing they are truly sure about is that they found some bones.

So, because of the shape of the mouth, they know that these dinosaurs ate fish? Now, I have to ask: do these people not have Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel? Sure, crocs eat fish, but haven’t they seen footage of them coming up out of the water and taking down a water buffalo?

Whether the dinosaur ate fish, other dinosaurs, or veggies only is not the big deal here; it’s the faith of these supposed “objective” evolutionists in what would be considered extremely scant evidence in a court of law, and their leaping “logic” to arrive at their conclusions. They stand on an allegiance to science, yet violate the basic tenets of scientific study – their results are not observable, measurable, repeatable, etc. Like it or not, they are based on faith.

Maybe we, as Christians, should try to have the faith of an evolutionist?