I Should Have Known

November 16, 2007

One thing I’ve learned about standing before a group of people (in my case, youth) and opening the Bible and teaching from it, is that very often God gives me the chance to “put my money where my mouth is”, so to speak. Last Wednesday, we looked at being thankful, especially “in everything” (1 Thess. 5:18). We talked about why we don’t do that, and how to overcome it. I proposed that when the hard times in life come, we tend to lose the perspective that God is sovereign. His sovereignty does not mean only that He’s “big enough” to handle anything that happens; it means that nothing even happens apart from His perfect will. To depict Him only as some kind of incredibly talented, supernatural multi-tasking manager that can fix anything that comes along is not a biblical view of God.

I also suggested that we tend to forget that God is not only sovereign, but He’s righteous – that everything He does is right, whether we understand it or not. Because He is omniscient, just, and omnipotent, His will and actions are always perfect in every way. Even when life hurts, we can take comfort in knowing that He is righteous.

And wouldn’t you know it? The very next day, I get the opportunity to practice what I preached the night before. And actually, I’m glad, because I’m finding out that it was right. I’ve had the opportunity to be worried and fretful, but I’ve also reminded myself that He is sovereign and righteous, and realized that this is above all else an opportunity to glorify Him, which is the most important thing. The problem is still looming, but it’s O.K., because He is sovereign and righteous, and does all things well.